Pianist Plays Two Recitals With A Broken Foot



Get well soon Angela Hewitt!


Music Festival 2018

For those who have entered the music festival 2018, check this out –


Why You Hate Practicing: 3 Simple Ways to Love Your Instrument Again


Common problems for most HK students- “I wanna PLAY it but don’t want to PRACTICE! ”

Though practicing can be tedious, you can make lots of fun!

Scales and arpeggios – creating connections


No time to practise?


Do scales really matter?

Do Scales Really Matter?

The answer is YES.

Hey scales are not boring stuff nor just part of the ABRSM exam requirement – they help you to develop your technique, listening and sight-reading skills.

And by the way, don’t you recognize there are always scales and arpeggios in music like sonatina?

For other instrumentalists like violinist, playing scales are important too as they help to improve your intonation.

I know playing scales and arpeggios are sometimes tedious, but they are not useless at all!

3 Reasons Why Music Theory Is Important for Your Children

3 Reasons Why Music Theory Is Important for Your Children

Grade 5 theory is not just a prerequisite for entering grade 6 or above ABRSM exam……

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