How to Help Your Child Develop a Taste for Classical Music

How to Help Your Child Develop a Taste for Classical Music

I would say the easiest part is to let kids learn a musical instrument (as most of the parents do). But how about bringing them to a live performance? Indeed there are many educational concert that are suitable for children,  like the series by Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

And by the way, one of the way to motivate your kid to practice is to play some recordings. Thanks to the internet, we can find lots of recordings from youtube/spotify (though I will prefer CDs).



Music Festival 2016

To all my dearest students,

Good luck and enjoy the music! Do breathe, relax and enjoy the moment you’re on stage(though maybe a bit frightening). I am sure your hard work will pay off! Be humble and learn from others too.

Enjoy! Remember, music making is FUN!

Miss Chen

Stephen Hough in Hong Kong

Stephen Hough will be in Hong Kong in May!

Have seen Stephen Hough twice while I was still in RNCM(Stephen Hough is the international chair in piano studies at RNCM). He was holding a piano clinic-something like a masterclass, but aimed at helping students to tackle technical problems. What a nice man and real musician!

How to Become a More Confident Performer

How to Become a More Confident Performer

This reminds me of my student C, who has low self-esteem and no confidence on herself. But indeed she is not that bad- no, I must say she has some talents that she doesn’t recognize at all. And soon I find out why she doesn’t trust herself – her parents always make negative comments on her. What she needs is some encouragement to raise her self-esteem.

But sometimes I do think being over-confidence is another problem……this type of students is often quite difficult to teach – they are reluctant to change their bad habits and think their playings don’t need improvement at all.

Anyway, once you are on stage, you have to be CONFIDENT and believe in yourself!

András Schiff explains Bach

11 problems music can solve

An interesting article:

7 Tips for Teachers to Get Today’s Students to Practice More

OK, this article should be just for me and other teachers as well……

and one more thing to add- practice more, but also practise effectively

It is simply a waste of time if students have mindless practice!

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